Brittany Maynard’s Last Thirty Days of Life; #thebrittanyfund

October 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

Two years ago I created a wedding invitation for one of my favorite clients, Brittany Maynard.  I never met her in person.  We worked together designing her invitations through email, but we became Facebook “friends” and have written the occasional comments and “likes” on each others’ photos through the months since then.

But, today I’m not here to talk about that invitation we designed together.  I’m going a bit off topic…to something somber, yet hopeful and inspiring.  We’re gonna talk about Brittany.

If you haven’t already seen Brittany’s story on literally all of the major news networks, Facebook, and the internet you need to check it out.  The incredible, heartbreaking, and inspiring story of Brittany Maynard can be found anywhere, just type in her name, view the hashtag #thirtydaysforbrittany, visit The Brittany Fund, or watch her video (which has over 2 million hits!) below.

This girl.  Wow.  She’s brave, she’s courageous, she clearly has touched the hearts of everyone who has met her, and even those like me who never had the privilege.  I’m humbled by her zest for life, her grace, and her tenacity to stand up for what she believes in. 

Brittany is a little over a week in to her last thirty days on Earth.  She’s dedicating those last thirty days to making a difference in the rights of the terminally ill.  No surprise there.  Brittany lives her life to the fullest, even right up until the end.

Spread the word, share the story, and continue Brittany’s legacy. She’s a true inspiration. #thirtydaysforbrittany #thebrittanyfund #deathwithdignity


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