Stop motion 1st birthday invitation

April 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Here is my “Time Flies” First Birthday Invitation Stop Motion Video!  Hope you like it.

I realllllyy had been wanting to make a stop motion video forever, and what better reason to do that then for my son’s first birthday party!  I was overly ambitious at the start.  I had NO idea how complex stop motion videos are!  It’s the same problem I have when I look at amazing projects and photos on Pinterest and think to myself “easy peasy….I can do that.”  Ha ha.   I’m sure you’ve all already seen the “reasons not to recreate pinterest photos” article or some version of it, yes?

Anyway, at the beginning of the video I made for my little man’s birthday I drew a clock with the arms moving around and around to show the passing of time.  It is true that time flies when you have children…but time did not fly as I painstakingly redrew the arms over and over and over in different locations and snapped a photo of each one.  EEK.  I got smarter as my stop motion video creation progressed.

After the video was done and edited I used my handy dandy DVD printer to print a custom design right onto the DVD invitations.  They were mailed out in crystal clear jewel dvd cases, with the address labels right smack on the case.  Here’s what the dvd looked like:

stop motion birthday invitation video dvde

What do you think?  Would you like me to make a stop motion video invitation for you?  Yes, please!




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