Inspired by Neon

December 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

I really need to stop neglecting my blog!  So, posting things that I’m inspired by.  Today, I’m inspired by neon everything.

Neon is everywhere!  I know you’ve seen it all over the web, Pinterest, magazines, and on the street (shoes, pants, jewelry, hair streaks anyone?).  I’ve been gathering neon inspiration from all over because I REALLY need to make some neon cards for the shop.

Here’s some amazing neon that I just absolutely love:


What a perfect pop of color against the white.  This needs to translate over to my everyday wear.  White shirt, and a pop of color in a necklace or other jewelry.  Helloooo 80’s!  Check out the rest of this photo shoot because there is a lot of other adorable neon goodness there.

Source: Brooklyn Bride


I so love the idea of a neon element at home!  This is a little bold for me…but how about the inside of kitchen cabinets so when they’re opened they shine?


CA-UTE!  That’s all I can say.  Paint old ugly vases yourself with a new, modern color.

Source: Apartment Therapy


I love this because I love macaroons.  Need I say more? This whoooole bridal shower is ADORABLE!

Source: He Makes My Heart Glow

neon wedding invitations

Invitations!!!  Must. Do.

Source: Burnett’s Boards


Neon photobooth backdrop?  Yes, please.

Source: Design Sponge


Another neon invitation.  Oh my gosh…drooling.  MUST. DO. NEON. CARDS!

Source: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Edge painted business cards are soo soooo fabulous.  1. I’m obsessed with edge painting. 2. I love how amazing it looks in neon!

Source: My Pink House


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