Paper goods for the movie premiere of “Trade of Innocents”

October 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the crazy things about being in business for myself is the absolute awe I feel every time I’m contacted to do a project for someone.  It still excites me to be asked to make something for people.  Even though I’ve made countless wedding invitations and other goodies, I still can’t believe people ask for me to handle something as special as announcing their big days.  “Really?  you want me!?”  It’s truly an honor for me when I work with each and every client…and I hope I never lose that spark.

So, speaking of which, I’m sure you can imagine my complete and utter flurry of excited hysteria and, of course, my inability to hide my smile when I turned around to my hubby and announced “I was just asked to make the invitations for the New York City World Premiere of the upcoming movie, Trade of Innocents.”  Holy Hannah!  So began an exciting experience working with one of the fabulous producers, Laurie Bolthouse, and a team of others, on some letterpress invitations.  No big deal.

If you haven’t heard much about Trade of Innocents, you should read up on it and watch the trailer.  It was created to raise awareness of the terrible issue of human trafficking, which happens ALL over the world, not just in Asian countries.  In fact, I know human trafficking is an issue occurring right near me, in the nearby city of Tacoma…so please don’t write it off as something that only happens elsewhere.  The actors Mira Sorvino and Dermot Mulroney (I love both of them!) are the main characters in the movie and are just brilliant in everything they do.

In the end we created these beautiful, intricate, and vibrant letterpress invitations for the red carpet event, that Mira Sorvino and a host of others attended. 

Let me just say, the guest list that we mailed these invitations to was exclusive enough to make me swoon.  If only I could share.

I came up with an illustrated Lotus flower motif to be carried throughout the invitations and all of the other paper goodies I would create for the event.  The Lotus flower symbolizes the women; their strength and their ability to overcome, to persevere, and to flourish with help and rescue.

We also created an Asian-inspired pattern (since the movie takes place in Cambodia) that was used throughout all of the design elements as well.  Here you can see the pattern in orange on a vellum wrap and then letterpressed upon the first opening.

Inside we had layers of paper, gorgeous letterpress and hand water-colored Lotus flowers, and a bold, luxurious silk duppioni ribbon with clasp to close and hold everything together.  We also included miniature versions of the Trade of Innocents movie poster with every invitation.

The colors, Lotus flower, and Asian pattern were carried throughout a sponsor poster we created for the event along with super thick letterpress (and water-colored!) square coasters.

There were also vinyl decals of the Lotus flower at the bar and even tons of gorgeous light displays of the Lotus on the wall and on the dance floor.

Photo credit: Jean-Pierre VanHoegaerden
Courtesy monterey media inc.

I absolutely enjoyed every moment of creating these invitations and other paper goodies for the event.  I hope to do more event work in the future and thus expand beyond weddings.

Hope you love the invitations!



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