then & now; these are just a few of my favorite things…

November 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve always loved stamps.  They’re miniature pieces of art; their little tiny details crammed into their tiny little surface space.

At a young age, stamps fascinated me and I collected them.  I was unknowingly into art and design even then.  When I was in second grade my Grandpa gave me a bunch of his old stamps from his collection, which was a great start.

I lost my stamp collection years ago during one of my family’s many moves.  It saddens me to this day whenever I think of that big ziplock baggie I had just filled to the brim w/unique stamps and of the loss of my Grandpa’s collection.

Whenever I go to the post office, I love looking at the new stamps they have.  I wonder how one gets their art memorialized into a national stamp?  Wouldn’t that be neat?

I love the simplicity of Kraft paper.  It’s earthy, it’s rustic, and yes…I think it’s elegant.

I LOVED making the book covers in elementary school.  You know…the hour we’d spend in class folding big sheets of Kraft paper over our textbooks to protect them?  I wonder if I’m one of the only ones who really enjoyed that…  They were a blank canvas to doodle and decorate…and I used every opportunity I had a break in class to practice my drawing skills.

As an adult, Kraft paper is still a favorite of mine!  It’s great for wrapping presents (try stamping or drawing w/markers on it) or for making a bookshelf look cohesive (see below)…or of course, as boxes for stationery (ie: our stationery packaging).

Another thing I absolutely adore is streamers.  I used to wake up early on my birthday as a kid and be so excited to see the streamers and decorations for my big day!  Not to mention, I loved helping out with the decoration process for my birthday parties.

I once famously asked my mom in fourth grade if people put up streamers in the bedroom to let the other know they wanted to make love.  I’ve never lived that down…but it sounds like a nice idea to me.

I think my streamer style has turned a little more “grown up”…but none the less…strips of paper or fabric are beautiful when done right.



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