Brittany Maynard’s Last Thirty Days of Life; #thebrittanyfund

October 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

Two years ago I created a wedding invitation for one of my favorite clients, Brittany Maynard.  I never met her in person.  We worked together designing her invitations through email, but we became Facebook “friends” and have written the occasional comments and “likes” on each others’ photos through the months since then.

But, today I’m not here to talk about that invitation we designed together.  I’m going a bit off topic…to something somber, yet hopeful and inspiring.  We’re gonna talk about Brittany.

If you haven’t already seen Brittany’s story on literally all of the major news networks, Facebook, and the internet you need to check it out.  The incredible, heartbreaking, and inspiring story of Brittany Maynard can be found anywhere, just type in her name, view the hashtag #thirtydaysforbrittany, visit The Brittany Fund, or watch her video (which has over 2 million hits!) below.

This girl.  Wow.  She’s brave, she’s courageous, she clearly has touched the hearts of everyone who has met her, and even those like me who never had the privilege.  I’m humbled by her zest for life, her grace, and her tenacity to stand up for what she believes in. 

Brittany is a little over a week in to her last thirty days on Earth.  She’s dedicating those last thirty days to making a difference in the rights of the terminally ill.  No surprise there.  Brittany lives her life to the fullest, even right up until the end.

Spread the word, share the story, and continue Brittany’s legacy. She’s a true inspiration. #thirtydaysforbrittany #thebrittanyfund #deathwithdignity


Love and airplanes invitation

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Oh hey!  Today I’m sharing a super sweet yet elegant invitation I designed for a gal who I went to college with.  Go Loggers!  She found me via Facebook (it’s amazing how much of my business comes from there!) and the rest was history.

airplane with hearts calligraphy wedding invitation

Krischel wanted an elegant invitation with a touch of playful travel elements thrown in.  She was pretty adamant about it not being “travel-themed” or kitschy and wanted to leave out anything travel-oriented at all if it was going to lean that direction.  Sometimes I have a tough job, but I make it work ya’ll!

I think what transpired is a great mix of the two.  To bump up the elegance factor,  I designed the invitation in mostly one color, which always looks very sophisticated.  Further, I used a mix of a gorgeous script font with additional calligraphic flourishes that I hand illustrated in.  For a classic, yet playful, travel touch I incorporated a vintage airplane motif and a simplistic heart flourish.  I love the way the gold and the just-barely-there blush look together.

airplane travel inspired invitation

For the wedding website card we came up with the idea of a state outline of Washington with some very adorable Douglas Fir trees, which was one of the reasons the couple picked their venue.  Ahh, getting married amidst the majestic beauty of these trees does sound magical doesn’t it?  This motif was also turned into custom postage stamps for the outer envelopes!

airplane travel inspired wedding invitation

airplane travel inspired inviation

Another little fun element we added in was the “seal”, like a travel/passport stamp, using a different version of the Douglas Fir trees motif.  I die!

travel inspired invitation

Alas, another invitation done and blogged!



Hand illustrated frame Save The Date

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I’ve been wanting to share this beautiful Save The Date I designed and printed last month for a super stylish and classy client, Ozette. Per Ozette’s vision the design was inspired by the gorgeous work of ceramicist, Molly Hatch, whose creations can be found in stores like Anthropologie.  Her work is gorgeous and whimsical and I was super excited to get to recreate the look for these letterpress printed pieces.


frame and bow save the date

hand drawn bow and intricate frame with handwritten font invitation

illustrated frame with bow invitation

We went with our double thick, 2-ply paper…le sigh (*I still die every time I get to use this paper.  It’s that fab.*)  The design was hand drawn by me with a nice inky float pen to guarantee some imperfections and various line thicknesses.  In order to get the perfectly imperfect “font” which looks traditional but hand-drawn, I printed out the copy and, using a light box, I traced the font with my float pen.  All the hand drawn work was then scanned at a high resolution into my computer, turned into vector in Illustrator, and voila! a hand illustrated Save The Date from top to bottom.

What do you think of it?

Stop motion 1st birthday invitation

April 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Here is my “Time Flies” First Birthday Invitation Stop Motion Video!  Hope you like it.

I realllllyy had been wanting to make a stop motion video forever, and what better reason to do that then for my son’s first birthday party!  I was overly ambitious at the start.  I had NO idea how complex stop motion videos are!  It’s the same problem I have when I look at amazing projects and photos on Pinterest and think to myself “easy peasy….I can do that.”  Ha ha.   I’m sure you’ve all already seen the “reasons not to recreate pinterest photos” article or some version of it, yes?

Anyway, at the beginning of the video I made for my little man’s birthday I drew a clock with the arms moving around and around to show the passing of time.  It is true that time flies when you have children…but time did not fly as I painstakingly redrew the arms over and over and over in different locations and snapped a photo of each one.  EEK.  I got smarter as my stop motion video creation progressed.

After the video was done and edited I used my handy dandy DVD printer to print a custom design right onto the DVD invitations.  They were mailed out in crystal clear jewel dvd cases, with the address labels right smack on the case.  Here’s what the dvd looked like:

stop motion birthday invitation video dvde

What do you think?  Would you like me to make a stop motion video invitation for you?  Yes, please!



Classic gray and cream letterpress wedding invitations

April 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

Today I’m sharing the invitations I designed and printed for a gorgeous wedding last summer (whoa…time flies).  These are the invitations that were created for this wedding that I posted about awhile ago.

The invitation piece was letterpress printed on our super thick, ecru color, 100% cotton paper.  It’s soooo thick and so luxurious.  I honestly get a little flutter in my heart every time a client chooses to order their invitations with this paper.  Yum!

classic gray and pink chevron letterpress wedding invitations

The three pieces (invitaton, RSVP, and details card) were sized so that upon layering the pieces the “V” monogram from the piece below showed through.  It was absolutely a lovely touch!

classic gray and pink chevron letterpress wedding invitations

The invitation suite was bound with a belly band printed with the wedding date, and though the pictures don’t show it well…the belly band was also blind printed (no ink, just an impression) with a subtle chevron pattern.

classic gray and pink chevron letterpress wedding invitations

The envelope liners were custom made to perfectly match the “greige” ink color we mixed up on our press for printing and then were hand assembled into the envelopes one at a time.  Here’s a gorgeous photo (all photos courtesy of La Vie Photography) of the whole invitation suite, including custom stamp from Zazzle.  Speaking of which, I’ve designed a few stamps on Zazzle for sale, check them out!

classic gray and pink chevron letterpress wedding invitations   classic gray and pink chevron letterpress wedding invitations

Don’t forget to check out all of the other gorgeous wedding details we made for this wedding!




Modern gray and smoky blue bar mitzvah invitations

January 23, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hey all!  Remember a couple months ago I mentioned I wanted to start designing Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations?  Well, here ya go –  our first Bar Mitzvah invitation design, the Asher Suite, hot off the press.  Actually, this would totes work for a Bat Mitzvah too, just sayin’.

modern gray and blue bar mitzvah invitation

This design shouts modern man, yet hints at his cool, calm, and collected demeanor.  This is for the simple, yet stylish type…the guy who is laid back and go with the flow, yet expects the best from himself.  It’s not pretentious, yet it is very sharp.  The Asher suite is the perfect way to announce your young man’s coming of age.  Visit our website to order your own.

The suite is designed in all lower case type.  Oh so casual yet so uniquely stylish.  The separate pieces are sized so you can see the large text from the piece below when they are all stacked together.  Our sample design was printed in a gorgeous greige (grayish beige) and a soft, smoky blue.  Yum.

modern gray and blue bar mitzvah invitation

The invitation piece:  Spotlights the young man of the week/month/maybe even year?

modern gray and blue bar mitzvah invitation

modern gray and blue bar mitzvah invitation

The reception card:modern gray and blue bar mitzvah invitation

RSVP card (double sided) with meal preference option (or not/or something else!):

modern gray and blue bar mitzvah invitation

What do you think?  Would you order this suite for your son’s bar mitzvah or what!?



Elegant gray, blush, and cream wedding goodies

January 16, 2014 § 1 Comment

Today I would like to share some pictures from a gorgeous wedding I had the privilege of designing TONS of yummy, juicy details for.

The over-the-top elegant and classy wedding was held at the beautiful Seattle Tennis Club, on a perfectly sunny summer day.

The colors: greige (beige + gray), blush, and cream

The look: subtle chevron stripes, classic borders and text, simple, rustic chic, and elegant

All photos are courtesy of the supremely talented La Vie Photography.  LOVE their work!  Jacky Ross Grotle of Event Success did so much and helped keep me on track for this wedding.  She is phenomenal and so so wonderful to work with.  And Daniela of Bella Signature, created amazingly lush florals – she’s the best at what she does.

Here are images of all of the details I created.

The wooden directional signs we cut, stained, and painted (off-white crackle paint for the background and gray for the wording).

rustic elegant gray hand painted wooden wedding signs


rustic elegant gray hand painted wooden wedding signs

rustic elegant gray hand painted wooden wedding signs

rustic elegant gray hand painted wooden wedding signs

rustic elegant gray hand painted wooden wedding signs

rustic elegant gray hand painted wooden wedding signs

Below are images of the paper goodies:

-chevron stripe menus

-escort cards

-wedding ceremony programs with beautiful blush ribbon

-“toss” me bag stickers (filled with flower petals)

-adorable sparkler tags

gray and cream wedding menu

gray and cream wedding menu

gray and cream wedding menu

gray and cream wedding menu


elegant gray and blush and chevron wedding programs

elegant gray and blush and chevron wedding programs

elegant gray and blush and chevron wedding programs

elegant gray and blush and chevron wedding programs

elegant gray and blush and chevron wedding programs

elegant gray and blush and chevron wedding programs   elegant_sparkler_tags

elegant_gray_chevron_wedding_escort_cardsAnd just a few other extras…

Chalk board drink signs


Candy jar labels and ribbon

gray and cream candy tags and wraparound labels with ribbon

gray and cream candy tags and wraparound labels with ribbon  grayandcreamcandytags

Monogram labels and Kraft “to-go” boxesgray and blush take out to go box monogram labels

We also designed and letterpress printed their wedding invitations.  I’ll do a post on those soon.

This was one of those instances I’ve mentioned before when I LOVE my job because I LOVE the people I get to meet and work with.  The bride, Mckenzie, was so creative and had a clear vision of what she wanted to see for each and every piece…all I had to do was make them!  Not to mention, she is absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking and to top it off SUPER sweet and nice.  Mckenzie’s mom, Chris, is the same way.  I just fell in love with her warmth and her caring personality.  I can’t tell you how many times she asked about my just born son and wanted to see pictures and even sent him/us the cuuuutest outfit and shoes.  It’s not very often people get to meet and work with clients like that, amiright?  Not to mention, when my husband reluctantly met Chris to hand over the invitations to her (I was stuck at home with a newborn) she ran up to him and gave him a big hug….how sweet!!!



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